Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gryffyn is EMO

In a flurry of activity yesterday, we decided to give away a treadmill that had been sitting in the middle of our small sun porch.  Of course, like everyone else, we never used it.  We joined a gym up the street and love going there.  But the treadmill stayed out of guilt as much as anything else.  What if there's a major storm and we can't get to the gym?  What if the gym closes?  But we spent so much for it?

Finally, we took the plunge, put it down on the sidewalk outside our house, put a "free" sign on it, and it was picked up within two hours.  I spent the rest of the day sprucing the sun room, moving some furniture around, and generally cleaning up. 

As I was doing this work, however, I noticed Gryffyn giving me a worried, perplexed look--first when I moved her water bowl from one side of the sun porch to the other, and second when her food and the bowls got moved to the same side.  She seemed a bit less energetic, but otherwise fine.  She just looked...well...concerned.

This morning, when I got up to feed them, Gryffyn flew at Betty as I went to put the bowls down, and tried to run her out of the sun room.  Betty, who remains fairly detached most of the time, gave her what we call the slap down.  Major growling, paw on Gryffyn's dead, and a squishing her into the floor.  She doesn't hurt her--just let's her know whose boss--so I let her do it.  I proceeded to feed Rhys and Betty first as always, and then fed Gryffyn, who gobbled down her food.

Gryffyn was obviously really worried that her food wasn't going to be there like always.  When we first got her she had some food guarding issues.  But she had begun eating at an almost leisurely pace, at least for a dog.  But the moving around of furniture (and the acquiring of birds--more in a later post) seems to have really thrown her.  We're trying to reassure without validating her feeling that SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG!!  The 14-year old boy looked at her this morning and said "Gryffyn has a very EMO expression this morning."  Yep.  But I'm hoping she'll move beyond it very soon.

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  1. Yes, we have an expression in our house: "Who moved my food dish?" It's only used to describe the concerns of humans, but obviously it gets its power from the universal worry of dogs. If my food dish isn't in the same place, who knows what else might change?